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Top Free and Budget Friendly Outdoor Activities To Do This Spring


It’s that time again! Can you believe that spring is about to be in full swing? We could not be more excited to de-winterize our rigs and head into longer, warmer days. We’re all about budget travel and believe there’s really no reason to pay big dollars for entertainment during spring, seeing as nature is in full bloom and the temperatures are perfect for spending time outside. That’s why we’re bringing you the best free outdoor adventure activities for you to enjoy this coming season. From concerts in the park to feasting your eyes on the famous southwest super bloom and so much more, we’ve got your next three months covered. Check out the list below.


Chase the super bloom this 2019
Desert southwest wildflowers are a must see this spring



If you’re in New Mexico, Arizona, California or Baja this spring, place seeing the wildflowers on the top of your list. While last year they were virtually non-existent, this years combination of a rainy, snowy winter and warm February temperatures have created the perfect conditions for the famously stunning super bloom to once again make an appearance across the desert southwest. Before you make your way south to see these unbelievably gorgeous flowers, let’s learn the ground rules:

1. Stay on trail. This should be your number one priority. While sitting in a field of flowers is alluring, we highly recommend you only stay on trail and tread lightly when viewing this natural wonder. This allows the buds the opportunity to grow, flourish and be seen by all visitors.
2. Do not pick the flowers. Once picked, their life expectancy is very short and all their hard work of growing and blooming will be for not. When you leave the flowers, you’re also letting others experience the same splendor you’ve been able to enjoy.

That’s it! Those two simple rules will ensure that everyone is equally able to experience and enjoy one of our country’s most amazing natural wonders.


Make your way to Glacier National Park this spring
Spring time means getting outside and exploring national parks



While our National Parks are not free, they are very inexpensive when you purchase an Annual National Parks Pass. The $80 pass is ideal for those RVers who plan on seeing three or more parks in 12-months time. You can say goodbye to the Grand Canyons $35 entrance fee (per day) and enjoy unlimited access to our nations most stunning treasures. If you’re looking for additional information about the National Parks, we highly suggest you take a look at our RVers Guide to all 59 National Parks.


Enjoy a concert this spring!
Photography: @charles.reagan


Across the country, towns and cities alike are gearing up for spring by offering free concerts in their local parks. We highly recommend you ask Google about the spring shows in the towns you’re passing through. These shows are typically free, bi-monthly, in a park, dog friendly and allow you to bring in your own food and beverages. We encourage you to participate in these local events. They’re a great way to support local artists, meet new people and enjoy a budget friendly activity with friends and family!


Find farmers markets across the States
Farmers markets are the best way to get outside in spring



Farmers markets are an excellent way to get outside this spring. You can spend hours strolling through a local market searching for fresh produce and procuring that perfect gift for a friend back home all while sipping a delicious cup of iced coffee. Many markets have live local music, an area for you to picnic and space for children to play. Turn this free event into an all morning adventure and be sure to taste test all of the yummy local produce and foods!


Get sweaty this spring! Kayaking is an excellent free activity that is also extremely fun



If you’ve been hibernating all winter, we’re calling on you to get sweaty! Kick off the season with any number of the dozens of free, outdoor activities that get your body moving. Go for a hike, kayak, mountain bike, try yoga in the park, ride dirt bikes, swim, take an outdoor fitness class, surf… the possibilities are endless when it comes to budget friendly options in nature. Use the natural resources that are currently surrounding you, (ocean, mountains, trails, lake, etc) and take full advantage of what they have to offer.


Ideas for budget friendly activities while on the road
Photography: @andreabemis


Giving back is not only a great public service, it’s an excellent opportunity to get outside. When finding an organization to volunteer for while on the road, first narrow down your options by asking yourself this simple question, “What am I passionate about?” If you have a pull towards wanting to help animals, volunteer at a local animal shelter. Want to work with kids? Explore options for tutoring, sign up to coach a little league team or give your time to a local non-profit serving the children of the community. From soup kitchens to natural disaster relief and working in community gardens, there is no greater way to feel like you’re apart of a community then by lending your time and energy to serve the people (or animals) around you.


Learn to cook this spring while RVing
Get outisde by learning to cook this spring 2019
Photography Top, Left, Right: @americayall, @ourhandcraftedhideaway, @barebonesliving


When you’re an avid RVer, there are endless opportunities for outdoor picnics, grilling at the campground and eating over an open flame with friends and family. Springs affords the perfect temperatures for cooking and eating outside, so take advantage of the beauty! Gain a new skill by learning how to start your own fire and learn to cook meats, veggies and desserts over an open flame or grill. Enjoy a campground picnic full of tasty homemade appetizers (you’ll go crazy for our unique cheese and cracker recipe), campfire nachos and kid-approved sandwiches. The skills you can learn as they pertain to cooking are endless!

Are you looking for more budget-friendly travel ideas this 2019? Check out our interview with Hello America, the Couple Who Traveled For Six Months on A Budget to learn how you too can save on the road. Leave us a comment in the section below telling us where you’ll be headed this spring.

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