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Here’s What You Missed from the Top Class B RV Show in the Country


Ever dream of trekking off the grid to new terrain? Do you seek the freedom on chasing down your travel goals from the helm of a mini motorhome? For those who may have missed out on this year’s Super B Show, we’re bringing you a full recap of this one-of-a-kind event.

Below are the highlights from La Mesa RV’s Super B Show. From Winnebago’s debut of their newest Class B RV the Boldt, to the Wendland’s podcast on all things RV living and seminars with GoSolar and Ford Transit, the Super B was packed with adventure-worthy rigs and resources geared especially for Class B RVer’s.


Newest Class B RV from Winnebago


The Winnebago Boldt made its grand debut at La Mesa RV’s Super B RV Show and may we just say, it did not disappoint. The Boldt is the second RV from Winnebago with a energy management system lithium-ion battery, a trend we’re seeing among new RV’s this 2019. With the Boldt available later this spring, here are a few things you need to know about what some are saying is the most comfortable B-Van ever created:

– Winnebago showed off the Boldt’s two beautiful exterior colors, the classic iridium silver Boldt, as well as the luxurious B-Van in a crisp white exterior.
– The Q70 KL and Q70 BL Boldt floor plans were on display for customers to walk through and explore all the extensive features, such as their Extensive 4-Season Insulation and Flex Bed System.
– Winnebago experts were on site, ready to answer questions and give tours through this exciting new model. If you weren’t able make it to the Class B Show but are interested in making this rig your new home on wheels, check out our recent feature on the Boldt where you can dive into more details on this brand new unit!


USA biggest Class B RV show


For the first time ever at La Mesa RV’s Class B RV Show, Ford Transit came out and gave informative presentations both Friday and Saturday afternoon. Even if you’re not a Ford owner, the seminar was ideal for all RV owners as the focus centered on how to maintain your chassis and the unique warranty options that Ford provides. Check out these rules on general chassis maintenance as well as tips every Ford RVer should know:

– Regardless if your RV is gas or diesel, a fifth-wheel or travel trailer, proper care for the chassis and its elements will ensure that your travels are enjoyable.
– To make sure your chassis performs at optimal level, replace the air filters every two years.
– If you haven’t started up your RV in over a year, put an anti-fungal detergent into the diesel tank.
– Be sure to check your tire conditions and air pressure every time before you get on the road.
– It’s imperative that oil changes and lubrication are performed on both gas and diesel chassis.
– The Ford Motorhome Chassis has a Bumper-to-Bumper limited warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles and a Powertrain limited warranty for 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Parts of the vehicle manufactured and covered by Ford Motor Company are listed in the Warranty Information Booklet that comes with your recreational vehicle and should be read carefully.
– Ford Transit highly recommends not only looking at their personal warranties but doing the research on what’s out there.
– Warranties are worth the investment and securing coverage now can save you big down the road.


Super B show, RV lifestyle guru's share all on their live recorded podcast


The dynamic duo Mike and Jennifer Wendland went live at the Super B as they answered questions from an engaged audience pertaining to all things RVing. They recently transitioned from a Roadtrek to Leisure Travel Van, so the couple gave us the inside scoop on how they’re enjoying their new LTV Unity FX. Here’s what we learned from the Wendland’s: 

– One word was continually repeated throughout the live show and that word is space. The Unity FX has enhanced the couple’s travels by providing an increased amount of room for storage as well as where they sleep.
– Long-time viewers and loyal fans sat around the dynamic couple for the live video as questions were tossed back and forth between everyone.
– We even got the inside scoop on Mike and Jennifer’s first date! Watch their love story here and make sure to subscribe and follow along with their informative RV podcast.
– Stay tuned on the La Mesa RV Blog for more on the Wendland’s as we talk to them about their upcoming travels, tips and tricks on their new rig and what’s next for this adventurous couple. 


2019 new Class B RV 4x4


Storyteller Overland also made its grand debut at La Mesa RV’s Super B show. This new and exciting RV manufacturer is based out of sweet home Alabama. This adventure van is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Authentically designed with daily drivers, weekend warriors, full time van-lifers, and long-range overlanders in mind…this expertly crafted vehicle is safe, fun, flexible, rugged and ready to go at all times. Storyteller Overland had there MODE 4×4 adventure van on display. Here’s what you need to know about this new adventuremobile:

– The MODE 4×4 adventure van, comes in exterior white or classic grey.
– Available in diesel on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or gasoline on a Ford Transit chassis, the Mode is made to withstand and ride out the elements of ANY season.
– Complete with modern European-Style interior design, a GearHaul garage space, FlexSpace Wet Bath, indoor/outdoor HALO FlexShower System and a rugged extruded aluminum roof rack and ladder system, this RV just made off-grid camping a whole lot more convenient.
– The galley-style kitchen is practical and convenient with an electric cooktop, flip up sink, refrigerator and ample amount of storage for your pantry needs.
– The MODE 4×4 sleeps up to four people safely and comfortably.


Biggest RV show of 2019


The GoPower Solar Seminar was an educational opportunity to learn how many benefits there are in going solar with your rig. Going solar in your RV lets you take your home on wheels off-grid while still being able to use your refrigerator, lights and other appliances. If that’s not enticing enough for you, the transition to solar is extremely cost-effective, environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance. Here’s what we learned when it comes to going solar and the right way to do it: 

– If you choose to go solar in your RV, keep in mind that there are several key components that all work together to collect, regulate, store, and deliver power to your RV appliances.
– Each of these components must be compatible with your RV in type and capacity to ensure your solar systems performs safely and optimally.
– Solar energy is the best way to boondock or dry camp without loosing the comforts of your RV.
– Stay tuned for more details on GoPower, as we’ll be taking a deep dive into all the top vendors at the Super B Show later this week. 

Did you make it to the Super B Show in Arizona? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the section below telling us your favorite event for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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