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These RVer’s Share The Perks of Being a RV Club Member


There are a wide variety of RV clubs and memberships available for you this 2019. Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive option that offers everything from saving on campgrounds and fuel to more specialized clubs made to benefit your particular RV model or class, you’re in luck. With dozens of RV club options, you’ll be able to find a RV community tailored to your needs while keeping a little extra money in your wallet. Don’t believe us? We sat down with a few full-time RVer’s who shared which RV memberships they subscribe to and why.


The best RV memberships and clubs you can join
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“RV memberships make life more stress free with planned yearly events and organized caravans. We just traveled through Baja California with a 50 unit caravan with Escapees where we experienced dry camping with like-minded adventurers. We have also lived at their park Escapers and had an incredible experience.”
– Cindy Petitt, Full-time RVer

Escapees annual membership is $40 and is known less as a discount club and more as a support service that provides itself of creating community in the RV world.


RV memberships 2019
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“If something goes wrong on my rig, I get an immediate answer from my WIT Club community. At rallies and events you get service help as well. I’m a solo female RVer and knowing I’m not alone is the biggest perk.”
Sue Ann Jaffarian, Full-time RVer and Author

WIT Club is a one-stop shop for Winnebago owners. From chapter activities to caravan adventures, as well as 10% savings on Winnebago roadside assistance and support, it’s an ideal membership for Winne’s.


These are the RV memberships you need to join this 2019
Photography: @thefitrv

“The main benefit of joining a RV club is the opportunity for social connections with others. You instantly have a bond with other club members since you all share a love of RVs, and in the case of the WinnieBs, a shared love of vans. Beyond that, being part of a club is also a great support network. If you’re having troubles with your rig, you can get advice from other club members.”
Stef and James of The Fit RV 


RV memberships and clubs you don't want to miss out on
Photography: @garrett_chow

“I love being able to look at Facebook and get an answer almost immediately if I have a question about something. The community support is great and the organized outings to places we’ve never been before are also a huge perk to having a RV membership.”
Dan and Peggy Segal, RVing since 1990

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