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The RV Influencer Families Every Road Warrior Should Follow – Here’s Why


Who doesn’t want to roam around the country in a home on wheels, experiencing life at every turn? Taking the plunge into the RV lifestyle is one that so many people desire but few feel is obtainable. Today we’re bringing you seven families who combined, have over 250,000 followers and are breaking the mold by living out their RVing dreams. Use these RV influencers as a guide and source of inspiration as your pursue own RV dreams.

These road warriors are excellent references when it comes to budgeting, logistical travel, road trip guides, working from the road, raising a family on the road full-time and so much more. Let yourself get lost in the wonder of RV living and start planning your route to making RV living your reality!


RVing family travels around the world and takes photos
Photography: @peterholcombe

Followers: 8K
Family unit:
Three people
About the family: After five years living on the road, the Holcombe family is setting off on their biggest adventure to date. Next month, the family of three and their Winnebago Revel will be heading to Europe and then on to South America, Africa, Asia and Australia on an overland, around the world adventure! Follow along with this family for amazing inspiration, as well as, how to budget travel internationally and to see what outdoor adventures await across the globe. To learn more about this incredible family, check out our recent interview with Famagogo.
RV subject highlights: Outdoor photography, homeschooling a teenager on the road, international RV travel, full-time RVing, working from the road and travel inspiration.


Family of three RVing across the country
Photography: @moonmountainlife

Followers: 76K
Family Unit:
Three people
About the Family: Natasha and Jacob Moon are, “working through the complex task of simplifying life so that they can live it.” The couple has chronicled their story on their incredibly popular social media platforms to tell their journey of becoming parents and raising their daughter while living an outdoor lifestyle. They have traveled all over North America and New Zealand, and are on an epic road trip to Baja California.
RV subject highlights: Baby gear, travel gear for backcountry camping, camping with an infant, van build-outs, budget travel, postpartum in the outdoors and road trip guides.


family traveling the US by RV
Photography: @the.wanderpreneurs

Followers: 8.3K 
Family Unit:
Four people
About the family: This inspiring family of four is making their way throughout the USA by 5th wheel. Their blog breaks down the locations they plan to experience each month throughout 2019, making it an excellent source for the best RV spots by state. The family of four also has a great shop page on their blog, giving you easy access to which RV accessories they use on the daily.
RV subject highlights: Coachman RV renovations, road trip guides, tips for saving money on the road, boondocking, making money on the road and downsizing from a house to an RV.


family of five traveling in sprinter van around the world
Photography: @mali.mish

Followers: 51K
Family Unit:
Five people
About the family: This family of five might be the most experienced RVer’s out there. The crew has been on the road for ten years and are now making their way through Europe. Their YouTube page is packed with incredible city guides updated every week, as well as, how to’s, RV tutorials and details on shipping an RV over international waters.
RV subject highlights: Van build-outs, RV tutorials, product reviews, cooking on the road and dozens of road trip guides.


family of four RVing in Europe
Photography: @wirwoanders

Followers: 5K
Family Unit:
Four people
About the family: What happens when a family reinvents themselves? That is the simple question Rike and Steve asked themselves in 2017. The couple then proceeded to live a free and mindful life on their own terms by traveling throughout Asia and Europe in an RV. The couple has documented their travels on their blog and social media, and primarily focus on living in the present while enjoying the beauty of nature.
RV subject highlights: Unschooling, traveling with children, the principles of minimalism, videography, photography, health and wellness and modern nomad life.


family of five road warriors, how to travel with kids
Photography: @rosensontheroad

Followers: 5.4K
Family Unit
: Four people
About the family: This influencer family of four is making their way around the country in 86 square feet! This young couple is hip, well traveled and shows their young children how to live healthy, happy and present lives. They travel with two surf boards and use solar energy to power their adventures and are a fantastic guide for young families looking to make the transition from living in a house to an RV full-time.
RV subject highlights: Van build-out, small kitchen recipes, travel destinations, travel routes, photography, working from the road and adventure travel.


family RV travel, budget RV travel
Photography: @ourhomeonwheels

Followers: 96K
Family Unit:
Three people + a pup
About the family: This active family of three purchased their van in 2015 and spent seven months converting it into their home on wheels. The couple has traveled around North American for years with their two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. They have been featured on Business Insider, Zillow and Dwell and are an amazing resource for all things budget travel.
RV subject highlights: Class B living, full-time RVing, making money on the road, RVing with a dog, van tour and everything you need to know about the RV lifestyle.

Want to continue the road life inspiration? Check out our recent interview with Mike and Jennifer Wendland of RV Lifestyle to learn about their new Leisure Travel Unity FX. Be sure to leave us a comment in the section below telling us where you’ll be headed this summer for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!


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