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Hurricane Season: Why an RV is a Great Option When a Natural Disaster Hits


With hurricane season officially upon us, it’s important to know both the ins and outs of RV safety when riding out a tropical storm and when it’s time to hightail it to a safer environment. RV’s, motorhome and travel trailers can provide ample opportunity to save when it comes to evacuating a storm. With your home on wheels, you won’t have to search for hotels, flights or a rental car once you arrive at your safe destination. When the question “to stay or not to stay” arises, ALWAYS heed the advice of your local and state authorities. Below we’ve highlighted seven benefits an RV can provide during hurricane season. Class A, B’s and C’s are ideal ‘survival’ vehicles during natural disasters. Here’s what you need to know.


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Your RV will provide you and your loved ones access to clean drinking water when pumps are down if you prepare and fill up your holding tank with fresh water before a storm hits.

Your RV can either power on board items or run power to a refrigerator in a house that may be without power. Motorhomes and some trailers have an onboard generator capable of producing electricity for several days if prepared in advance and if you have enough fuel on hand. Be mindful to take necessary preparations if you’ll be in your RV during a storm.

Many RVs have refrigerators. When power is out elsewhere, you can continue to have your RV refrigerator running, keeping your food from perishing. This is incredibly helpful if roads are inaccessible and grocery stores have been depleted of resources.

RV air conditioning is especially helpful in areas like the south with high humidity. Having a comfortable space to retreat to after tending to repairs on your home or in your city after a storm is a create comfort not everyone is afforded.

This is a crucial part of displacement during a storm. While others are battling over where they’ll be sleeping that night and those after, you’ll have all the beds and comfort of home you need without the extra payment or headache.

If you have to evacuate your home, an RV is an excellent way to carry and keep safe any valuables and sentimental items you don’t want to leave behind.

Evacuating a storm is stressful enough. Now add trying to find a place that will accommodate both your family and pet(s) during a weather related event. The convenience and ease of an RV keeps them both safe and comfortable during the chaos.

If you’re RVing this summer and looking for more ways to save, check out our recent post 10 Things You Should Never Pay for RVing. Be sure to leave us a comment in the section below telling us where you’ll be headed this 4th of July for a chance to be featured on our La Mesa RV blog!

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