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Summer Road Trip: Five Tips and Tricks for Traveling With Kids


Summer is quintessential family time. If you’re new to traveling with the kids and want some insider tips on how to make your RV trips as smooth as possible, you’re in luck. We got in touch with the ever inspiring Mali Mish crew. The family of five have been full-time road warriors since 2008. They’ve owned numerous rigs and are known for their DIY efforts where they customize their adventure mobile to fit their families specific needs. Enjoy their first hand insight on how to manage a family while living out your dreams on the road. 


Picnic By The Lake
Photography and Words by Mali Mish 

The key for traveling with kids (for us at least) is being cautions as to not over schedule activities and destinations. This allows us to discover new places and explore at a pace that works for the family on that specific day. Some days we cram a bunch of things in and on others we hang out at the campground together. It’s all about finding a balance.

One of the ways we get to know what part of our adventure really resonated with our kids is by having them draw and write a few things about the most memorable part of their day. Once time has passed, the kids love looking back at the memories they chose to record and so do we.


Road Runners In The Wild Arizona

One of the ways we make long drives more enjoyable for the kids is by breaking some of our normal rules. On these days we allow the kids to watch movies or play on their iPads, which we usually restrict for other times of the day. We also make it a point to stop and get a treat – usually an ice cream or slushy, which always brings a smile to their faces.

Since we don’t have a lot of room in our camper for piles of books, we frequent local libraries. In addition to being able to read books, the libraries usually have activities scheduled, toys for the little ones, learning games on the computer and the occasional free snack.

One of the downsides of living small is not having tons of space for bulk items. The upside is that it has forced us to grocery shop way more often and in doing so we find ourselves loading up on fresh fruit and veggies (many of which end up all over our counters and sometimes on our bed, haha). This works out for us because when the kids see healthy snacks out, they typically end up asking for them, instead of things like chips and popsicles.


Children Admiring The Sunset And Hugging

Though we don’t have a large set up that needs tons of daily maintenance, we do ask the kids to help out as much as they can. When we arrive at a new campsite or leave one, the kids are excited to help set up or break down our tiny home on wheels. When we cook they are excellent help when preparing food, setting the table and cleaning up. Everyone is a part of the team.


To learn more about this amazing family and keep up with their travels, check out their YouTube page. Looking for more summer road trip fun? Check out our interview with Berry Good Times: A Family of Five Living on the Road. If you’re an RVing family we’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment in the section below for a chance to be featured on our La Mesa RV blog.


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