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These Pet Road Trip Photos Will Make Your Heart Melt


We took a deep dive into the internet to bring you the cutest, most heart-melting dogs (and cats!) of Instagram. From Loki the Wolf Dog who has over two million followers to Noodle, a paralyzed stray that now lives in the Pacific Northwest and hikes with the help of a scooter, we are highlighting some of the most inspiring pet travel stories being shared across the internet. Enjoy these fifteen incredible dogs and cats, their devoted owners and the tales of their travels below.


dogs that travel


Instagram: @briannamadia
Tagline: “Never leave the dogs behind.”
Pups: Dagwood and Bucket
Heart Melt: After being hit by a car last October, sweet Dagwood was given a grim 10% chance of survival. Incredibly, he pulled through, a little lighter today after loosing his tail, and sent hope throughout the internet. People from across the globe dialed in with words and offerings of support. His crew Brianna and Keith (both storytellers) continue to document his amazing recovery as well as chronicle their inspiring lives on the road.


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Instagram: @henrythecoloradodog
Tagline: “A pup & cat exploring together, following their noses and running free.”
Pets: Henry and Baloo
Heart Melt: These two do everything together. The unlikely duo have over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and enjoy exploring all four corners of the USA. Henry is the king of piggyback rides for little Baloo, making it possible for them to explore vast terrains.



Instagram: @kuma_thehuskybear
Pups: Kuma and Kodiak 
“Adventure pup cruising Colorado and Beyond with @kodiak_thebeardog.”
Heart Melt: Abigail calls Kuma and Kodi her partners in crime and for good reason. These two adventure pups have been exploring wild spaces for the past few years, enjoying nature and keeping their mama creative, inspired and connected to the great outdoors.



Instagram: @brooke_weeber
Pup: Huxley
“Inspiring people to go outside responsibly.”
Heart Melt: In the words of Brooke, who just put her Subaru and house up for sale, “I’m so grateful I have friends I can rely on and a solid family for support. I also know I can count on my goodest Huxley girl snuggles when I’m sitting in those places of fear, spiraling into self doubt. What more could I possibly need? I’m looking forward to keeping you all in the loop as this whole massive thing unfolds. Will I move into the van? Only time will tell.”


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Instagram: @noodsterscootster
Pup: Noodle 
“Living with my PT parents in the Pacific Northwest, adapting for the outdoors.”
Heart Melt: When a puppy, Noodle was a paralyzed stray found by a loving couple who took her in and gave her the world. Today Noodle is an inspiration for two and four-legged creatures alike. She is an avid swimmer and hiker and truly sees no limitations. Scrolling through her inspirational Instagram will make you weep so many happy tears.


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Instagram: @the_bike_dog
Pup: Sox
“Inspiring awesome dogs to do more than their humans.”
Heart Melt: This dog Instagram chronicles Sox’s epic road trip to all 50 states, National Parks and beyond. To date, he’s covered 71,000 miles, 30 states and 25 National Parks. Follow along with the epic duo to see where Sox is off to next!


pet travel, rv road trip travel


Instagram: @_ends_of_the_earth
Pups: Oakley and Everest 
“Two humans and their pups adventuring to the ends of the Earth.”
Heart Melt: These two huskies are always adventure ready. The couple documents their travels with their sweet pals and shares stories of how they manage their furry friends’ anxiety and are super transparent about the locations they adventure to with their pups!


camping with dogs, summer road trip with pups
Photography: Sarah Morrill

Instagram: @the_dailydardt
Pup: Dart
“I’m a pit-bully mix living in the high Rockies of Colorado. Follow me around on my adventures!”
Heart Melt: Dart sometimes wears a bow tie, loves romping around in the show and camping in the desert. He’s new to Instagram, so follow along with his budding adventures!


rv road trips with pets, cute dogs


Instagram: @sukiicat
Pet: Suki
“It’s a purrfect day for adventure!”
Heart Melt: Suki has a cool 1.5 million followers on Instagram and lives with her human in Alberta, Canada. She started venturing outside at an early age of three months old. Follow along with her adventures and learn everything about how she does her business on the road, the kitty backpack she prefers and so much more.


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Instagram: @nicolehandel
Pup: Bear 
“Bring your dog, ride bikes, get dirty.”
Heart Melt: Nicole and Bear are the ultimate adventure duo. From backcountry skiing to trail running, there really isn’t anything Bear can’t do. Nicole shares their narrative in beautifully written posts that focus on encouraging you to take your place in the world and enjoy the story of your own life as it unfolds.


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Instagram: @dustydesertdogs
Pups: Goose and Dante 
“Don’t just exist, remember to live.”
Heart Melt: This amazing couple and their two pups test and review gear for both dogs and humans. They also specialize in pet photography and create beautiful content for brands. Their pack of dusty desert dogs are trail loving creatures who enjoy the great outdoors.


rving with pets, summer road trip with furry friends


Instagram: @three_vanlifers
Pets: Bidule and Oups
“From our various van escapades in Europe to our transition to a simpler lifestyle, we share with you our experiences and travel advice!”
Heart Melt: This Scandinavian couple dreamed of freedom and vagrancy abroad. Together, with their two furry companions, they built out their van and became true nomads. Though their Instagram is in Swedish, their photos are inspiring in and of themselves!


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Instagram: @mariavanonen
Pup: Yoda
“Two daydreamers adventuring near and far.”
Heart Melt: Yoda is a world traveler. He has seen the Northern Lights, camped in Italy, hiked in Switzerland, kayaked in Germany, made snow angels in Finland, swam in France and so much more. He’s always on the go and you can usually find him riding shotgun in the family van build-out.


class b rv travel with pets


Instagram: @wheeledandfree
Pups: Scout and Lennard 
“Four years of full-time travel.”
Heart Melt: This incredible couple has been traveling non-stop these past four years with their two pups. From Canada to Alaska, Arizona and Mexico, this pack has been everywhere men/women/and four-legged friends.


cutest road dogs, have dog will travel


Instagram: @loki
Pup: Loki
Tagline: “Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?”
Heart Melt: Loki is one of Instagram’s most seen pups and with reason – his beautiful story. In 2012, Kelly Lund brought Loki home during a blizzard. This husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix learned how to keep up with snowboarding when merely four months old and today at three years, he’s seen most of the western United States. He’s been featured on USA Today, BuzzFeed, People magazine, The Weather Channel, Country Living and so much more. Join in with the two million folks around the world who check in with Loki’s new and beautiful daily adventures.

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