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Stock Your RV with These Healthy and Storage Friendly Snacks


Have you been looking for easy to store, healthy snacks for your next RV road trip? Earlier this week we brought you are favorite budget-friendly Homemade Trail Mix Recipes and today we’re highlight the new and delicious space-saving snacks that are basically made for your home on wheels. All RVers know the importance of budgeting and space conservation, so check out these excellent treats to stock up on without taking up too much valuable RV kitchen space. Best of all, these items are delicious and are also perfect for your day hiking, picnic, and camping needs.


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LARABAR: Larabar’s are healthy, gluten free and made with minimal, pure ingredients. With over 20 flavors to choose from, these small snack bars are easy to pack and take on the go anywhere!

HAMMER GEL: These complex carbohydrates are made with all-natural ingredients and pH-balancing formula making this snack easily digestible provide long-lasting energy in an easy to grab and go form.

PRO BAR MEAL: The Pro Bar Meal has nine grams of protein and was honored with Health Magazine’s “Best In Food” award. This all-natural meal is made for extra endurance, fast recovery and serves as a meal replacement. Keep a few of these meal bars with you while backpacking. They’re an easy, no fuss option when it comes to eating for fuel while on the go.

HONEY STINGERS: This brand makes gluten-free energy waffles, organic energy chews, healthy snacks, energy gels, and protein bars, all of which are perfect to fuel you and the family on your end of summer RV adventure.


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MAMMA CHIA VITALITY PACK: These organic chia seeds are infused with fruits and vegetables and packed with omega-3, protein and fiber. They come in a little pouch, making them incredibly convenient and kid-friendly! Chia squeeze is available in six delicious flavors.

GOGO GOOZE: These on the go applesauce pouches are made only with apples and are always delicious. Perfect for grownups and children alike! You can store them in your pantry or your RV refrigerator.


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OLOVES: This snack pack of flavored olives is ideal for your RV picnics! Throw them in your tote to enjoy a tasty, healthy on the go snack. Best part, these olives are pit free!

TRADER JOE’S FRUIT JERKY: While mostly everyone has heard of dried fruit, you might be less familiar with fruit jerky. Trader Joe’s fruit jerky comes in flavors ranging from watermelon to blueberry and, no surprise, these mighty little snack strips are delicious.

COSMIC ICE CREAM: Need an RV sweet treat that won’t go bad? This freeze dried ice cream has no artificial ingredients or corn syrup and can be enjoyed literally anywhere on the planet. Just open and eat! Cosmic ice cream comes in three flavors – mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, and strawberry. Fun fact: The founder came up with this high-quality freeze dried ice cream while on his very own cross country road trip.

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