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The Top Waterfalls to Hike to in the Pacific Northwest


The Pacific Northwest is home to more waterfalls than anywhere else in North America. With dozens of jaw-dropping falls to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones to venture to and which to see during your next RV road trip. We searched far and wide to bring you the top waterfall hikes you just cannot miss when in the Pacific Northwest. From beginner hikers to backcountry adventure seekers, this list has something for everyone. From mileage and elevation gain to difficulty level of each trail, check out everything you need to know before you venture to these incredible natural features below!


best waterfalls to hike to in Oregon


Details: Feast your eyes on one of the most magnificent and memorable waterfalls in all of North America. Located a mere 30-minute drive outside of Portland, this 611-foot waterfall is a two-tiered plume that makes its way into a forest grotto and it is incredible. Be aware, this hike to is not for the faint of heart.
Location: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 2.4 miles
Elevation Gain: 700 feet
RV Parking Available: Yes
Great For: Adventure seekers, photographers, and those in good health.


best waterfalls to hike to in the Pacific Northwest


This 9o-foot waterfall is one of the most popular landmarks in Olympic National Park and after our recent visit, we understand why. The meandering trail to the falls is easy and riddled with beautiful old growth. After you pass over the creek (great for a picnic and photos) you begin to ascend north. There are railings lining the way to the waterfall vista, making this hike a great option for those who need/want to take a leisure stroll.
Location: Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.8 miles roundtrip (loop)
Elevation Gain: 500 feet
RV Parking Available: Yes
Great For: Day hiking, picnics and photography!


hike to these stunning waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest


Details: Perfect for all skill levels, this trail is dog-friendly, wheelchair-friendly, and stroller-friendly. Catch wildflowers lining the trail as you make your way to the picturesque waterfall. Because the trail is so accessible, it is highly trafficked. Come early or later in the evening to avoid crowds.
Location: Corbett, Oregon
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.5 miles (in and out)
Elevation Gain: 78 feet
RV Parking Available: Class B and Small Class C’s
Great For: Kids, seniors, and families.


stunning waterfall hikes in Washtingon


Details: Wallace Falls Trail is located in Wallace Falls State Park and is a beauty to be marveled. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best enjoyed from April through November. Dogs are welcome on leash!
Location: Gold Bar, Washington
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 4.4 miles
Elevation Gain: 1,404 feet
RV Parking Available: Yes
Great For: Wildflower spotting and picnic spots with an incredible view.


hike to these epic waterfalls


Details: Palouse Falls is truly mind-blowing. You will want to come with your camera batteries charged and your glasses on. Over 80,000 people venture to this iconic fall per year, making it one of the most trafficked waterfalls on our list. It is pet-friendly and the park has established campsites if you want to stay for a while. At the end of the last ice age, Missoula Floods (glacial floods) moved across eastern Washington, carving out the incredible landscape we are fortunate enough to enjoy today.
Location: Lacrosse, Washington
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.2 miles (loop)
Elevation Gain: 306 Feet
RV Parking Available: Yes but parking lot fills up quick
Great For: Pets, kids, trail runners, and bird watchers.


hike to these incredible falls in the Pacific Northwest


Details: This stunning waterfall is renowned for its incredible two-tier falls. The 28-foot upper tier fall makes its way into a pool that then plunges an impressive 85-feet into a larger pool. The columnar basalt formation that outlines the waterfall has made Toketee Falls one of the most famous waterfalls in America.
Location: Idleyld Park, Oregon
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.8 miles (out and back)
Elevation Gain: 111 feet
RV Parking Available: Yes
Great For: People of all ages and athletic abilities!


Can't miss these amazing waterfalls


Details: Sol Duc Falls is one of Olympic National Parks most prized possessions. Marvel at the incredible old-growth tress in the middle of the rainforest and we assure, you’ll never want to leave. The trail begins at Sol Duc Hot Springs and Resort and winds through a spacious path that leads you through the forest, over a bridge, past a canopy of greenery and straight to the waterfall.
Location: Olympic National Park
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 1.6 mile
Elevation Gain: 255 feet
RV Parking Available: Yes
Great For: Seeing old-growth, bird watching, and picture-taking.

Are you making your way to the Pacific Northwest soon? Check out our Ultimate Summer Packing Guide for a Trip to Washington to make sure you don’t forget to pack any essentials. Leave us a comment in the section below sharing your favorite place to RV in the Pacific Northwest for a chance to be featured on our blog!


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