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RV Campsite Cocktail Series: The Rich History of the Mint Julep


In continuation of our RV Campsite Cocktail Series, we’ve partnered with Ian Collis, the mastermind mixed-drink enthusiast behind the ever popular Cocktail Collaborative to bring you September’s drink of choice – the Peach Mint Julep! With fall at your finger tips, there’s no better time to relax at your RV campground, smell the trees, and take in stunning views with a sweet cocktail in hand. Pro Tip: This beverage is just as delicious alcohol free!

There are few cocktails with as rich of a history as the Mint Julep. From its inception in the eighteenth century, where it was prescribed to those with stomach sickness to its well known association with the Kentucky Derby, the mint julep is a deliciously refreshing bourbon-based cocktail that you can enjoy around your RV campsite this fall. Check out the simple steps to making this tasty spirit below!

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For our recipe, we’re adding peach to pay homage to this charming cocktail from the South. There are a few ways to include this delicious fruit. Option 1: muddle ripe peach slices into your drink. Option 2: Purchase a peach liqueur to replace your simple syrup. 3. Make your own peach syrup (steps on homemade peach syrup can be found below).

– Muddler
– Mixing vessel
– Jigger
– Knife
– Cutting board


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– 2 oz Bourbon
– 1/2 oz Simple syrup (or homemade peach syrup)
– 6-8 mint leaves
– 3 peach slices

1. Heat one cup sugar and 1 cup water over the stove.
2. Place in two peach slices.
3. Bring to a boil for one minute.
4. Let cool and steep for at least one hour.
5. Strain your peach slices out and bottle.


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1. Add syrup to your drinking cup. If you’re using peach syrup you can skip to step three. Otherwise, add your peach slices at this time.
2. Muddle the peaches gently.
3. Slap your mint and add to cup.
4. Muddle the mint gently.
5. Add your bourbon and stir all ingredients.
6. Add some ice, stir again to call the drink.
7. Top with more ice to make sure all your muddled ingredients stay underneath the ice while you drink.
8. Garnish with mint and peach.
9. Sip and enjoy!

Looking for another tasty cocktail? Check out the Scotch & Straw – a delicious scotch take on an old fashion, tailor made for the RVer this season. Do you have a favorite campground drink recipe? Leave us a comment in the section below for a chance to be featured on our blog!

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