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This Coffee Enthusiast Shows You How to Make Coffee on The Road His Way



When RVing, it’s easy to settle for below average coffee… but you don’t have to! While it may seem impractical to bring glassware or an entire batch-brew system on the road, it doesn’t mean you have to endure a mediocre morning cup of joe. Today, we’re sharing a few simple brew tools that are easy to pack in your RV to ensure you experience the best road coffee you’ve ever had. For this travel recipe, we caught up with coffee enthusiast, Kyle McLain, to learn the importance of leaving our scales and electric kettles at home in favor of simplicity. All you need is an AeroPress, a camp fire (or RV stove top) and locally-roasted, quality coffee beans. We opted for a delicious batch from Peoria’s Union Coffee Company. Check out how to make the most delicious campground coffee below.


RV coffee at yoyr campsite


РAeroPress coffee maker and measuring spoon (included w/ AeroPress)
– AeroPress coffee filters
– Enamelware coffee mug
– Enamelware coffee pot (for boiling water)
– Hand grinder (medium grind setting)|
Union Coffee Co, El Salvador Coffee Beans
– Timer (or use the timer on your cellphone)


Making delicious AeroPress Coffee at your Campground is Easy
How to make delicious campground coffee


– 30 grams of ground coffee (two scoops with your AeroPress spoon)
– 8 oz of hot water (just over the 4th line on the AeroPress)


Campground AeroPress coffee
How to make good campground coffee


– Boil 8 oz of water over campfire (or RV stove)
– Place the coffee filter in the AeroPress basket and rinse the filter with warm water
– Discard the rinse water
– Pour ground coffee into the brewer and place it over your coffee mug
– Add in 8 oz of boiled water over the course of 10 seconds
– Stir the coffee and water mixture with your AeroPress spoon for a few seconds
– Place plunger on (but don’t plunge yet!) and let your coffee brew for 45 seconds
– Remove plunger, stir coffee and water mixture one more time, place plunger back on and start a 20 second slow plunge
– That’s it! Enjoy your quick and easy 8 oz cup of delicious coffee!

With fall under way, it’s never too early to start planing your RV holiday getaway! Are you going to be on the road this December? If so, check out our list of The Best Campgrounds to Stay at This Holiday Season and be sure to leave us a comment in the section below telling us where you’re parking your RV for Santa for a chance to be featured on our blog!


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La Mesa RV Administrator
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