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The 23rd Annual RVing Women Convention + What’s to Come


Calling on all female RVers and road warriors! Are you seeking a community to engage, explore and empower your RV lifestyle? Meet the independent minds behind the nation-wide RV group, RVing Women.


the 23rd annual women rving convention, female rvers


RVing Women is a membership for and by women RVers. Complete with seventeen chapters across America, this community is dedicated to sharing recreational activities, invaluable information and support for women RVers from all walks of life. This group welcome members with open arms, with the only requirement being that members are women age 18 and over, with a passion for RVing. Owning an RV is not a prerequisite! If you’re new to the lifestyle and have been eager to dip your toes into the ins and outs of RV travel, but don’t know where to start, this group is the perfect platform for taking your first step forward.

La Mesa RV proudly sponsored the 23rd Annual RVing Women Convention at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona. Chapter members across the country convened in the heart of the Southwest desert to build life-long friendships beyond state-line boundaries and share their latest travel tales, tips and goals.


women who RV


This year, we caught up with some of the coordinators, members and volunteers of this incredibly inspiring and independent group of women RVers to bring you an up-close and insider look at what this group is all about. From safety seminars and educational workshops to innovative products and exclusive road trip resources, we’ll be covering every reason why this is the best group for women with a passion for RVing.

We’ve got plenty of ground to cover and explore, so stay tuned for our top tips, tricks and resources exclusively for female RV travelers. Meanwhile, click here for a calendar of upcoming events by RVing Women to find your next opportunity to connect with the inspiring community!

Are you a female RVer looking to start your journey on the road? Check out our round-up of the top Five Female RVers to Follow for Your Daily RV Inspiration. From budget hacks to road trip tips and recipe guides, these independent ladies will be just the motivation you need to elevate your RV lifestyle.

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