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RVing Women: The Ultimate Travel Group for the Solo Female RVer


Taking on the open road all on your own can be a daunting adventure. Community support is the most reliable and fulfilling way to hone in on your camper confidence, whether you are new to the RVing lifestyle, or looking to grow more independent on your travels. If you are a female RVer and find yourself in either camp, the greatest community you can join is the RVing Women group.

Comprised eighteen chapters nation-wide, RVing Women has been empowering solo female RVers of every walk of life to take on the open road with intrepid confidence. This year, we attended the RVing Women 23rd Annual Convention, held at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, Arizona, and proudly sponsored by La Mesa RV. Follow along as we dive into the perks, resources and top tips for solo women RVers provided by RVW.


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In simple summation, RVing Women is a family away from family for solo female travelers. Like many members, event coordinator Jan Miller discovered the group by way of the RVing Women Magazine. She later attended an advertised rally out of curiosity. She joined the group that day and hasn’t looked back since.

“You see the same faces year over year and it’s become a really nice network. You’ll see that a lot of our members are single women, widowed or divorced — this particular convention has about 20% attendees traveling alone, and 40% of our attendees are brand new to RVing women,” Jan said. Many members echoed her sentiment, claiming that RVW has become something of a family unit. Most members take chapter rallies as an opportunity to meet like-minded travelers as they are usually independent, alone in their motorhome adventures. 


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RVW chapter rallies are open to all members. If you are an Arizona chapter member, you’ll always be welcome to drop by an RVW event on the East Coast. Members who don’t actively RV anymore are also welcome to attend locally held rallies to catch up with life-long friendships made on the road.

“You know somebody everywhere, and you can call them any time. Many will let you park in their land when you’re in the area, and you have a good time,” shared RVW member and photographer, Thursa Stair. 

Many other RV groups comprise of traveling couples and families, making for a more intimidating setting to ask for help when something goes wrong in the rig. Many of the RVW members we chatted with glow over the support they found in difficult times, from health issues to personal loss.

“I know two people that didn’t drive their motorhome. Their husbands or someone else in the family drove. When they lost that driver, they had to learn how to drive an RV. One of those women bought a new RV, and two other members drove with her to Canada and back. Sometimes they would sit with her and teach her the details in how to drive, and now she drives all over the United States. That’s the sort of stuff we like to do for each other,” Jan said.


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No matter how new to the RV lifestyle you are, members always have access to classes and workshops that are geared to bolster a members open-road confidence. From driving classes to safety seminars and preventative maintenance workshops, RVW members have every resource needed to master RV life at their disposal. Over the years, Jan informally learned the mechanics of her motorhome. 

“From how to check your battery fluid and levels to how to preserve the length of tire lifetime, preventative maintenance has been my biggest learning point,” Jan said. Today, she is confident in keeping her motorhome in tip-top shape all on her own. Should anything go wrong on the road, she is able to service her RV as needed.

“Especially for a lot of women that are solo, there are safety in numbers and having the right resources. (RVW) is a good place to learn our manners too,” Jo Nickell said with a laugh. 

Beyond the unwavering support provided by the RVW community, Jo admits she still gets a kick every time she receives a look of bewilderment when caught driving a rig all on her own.

“These are my gals. I was looking for the rest of the broads like me, wandering the country unsupervised, and I found them,” Jo said.


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Boondocking can be an intimidating venture for any solo RVer. One of the biggest questions asked by newcomers concerned safety on the road. The level of experience across attending group members varied drastically at RVW. From curious campers without an RV to those who have been boondocking for over 5 years, the workshop addressed questions on how one know one’s surroundings are safe. Here are some of the best bits shared:

  • Always trust your gut. Don’t make yourself look like a victim. Be confident when you’re walking, and don’t give off the impression of a helpless lady that doesn’t know what she is doing.
  • If you are going to get into solo traveling, it is important to remember that if you are traveling alone and you do not feel confident being alone in a certain place, do not go there.
  • If you are alone with a broken down RV, don’t leave your vehicle and sit on the passenger’s side. This gives the impression that there is another person returning to the vehicle.




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RVW 23rd Annual Convention - Tucson
Photo Credit: Janet Miller

Are you a female RVer ready to find your home away from home with like-minded road wanderers? Click here to learn how you can join RVing Women. If you are looking for a little more inspiration to fuel your travel goals, check out our list of Top Female RVers You Should Follow for Your Daily RV Inspiration. What’s the next adventure on your travel list? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Ray Vorbeck
    Posted January 2, 2020 at 4:55 am

    This sounds like a great group for single women on the road. I am a single retired male who lost his wife several years ago. Is there a similar group for single males that like to travel toogether. I travel in a Winnebago Class C motorhome

    • La Mesa RV
      Posted February 24, 2020 at 6:20 pm

      Hi Ray! We’ve been searching for a similar travel group to RVing Women but haven’t found anything quite like it however, there is a great group for Winnebago RV owners called WIT Club. They have rallies and events all over the US as well as Canada, and within the club there are special interest groups. Here is a link to their website – WIT Club

      Hope this information helps! Happy trails!


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