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Boondocking: Tech + Accessory Must-Have Checklist

Boondocking in Your RV

If you’re a full-time RVer who has been or is transitioning to dry camping to stay isolated in the midst of national and state park closures across the nation, this list is for you. Below you will find a guide of tech accessories as well as our boondocking downloadable checklist that will surely come in handy while camping off the grid. Check out the details below.


boondocking RV


A composting toilet is easy to store, needs far less water to “flush” and requires no dump station trips. These types of toilets are odorless while they compost, and the resulting material can be used to fertilize a garden. How’s that for giving back to the Earth?

WATER SAVING AERATORS: Water saving accessories conserve shower and faucet water, a valuable resource when dry camping. Oxygenics, is a well-known brand that makes water saving products by adding oxygen to the water stream. Their PowerFlowRV is specifically engineered to conserve an RVs water tank without limiting the power of the flow.

CAMP STOVE: If you need to conserve gas while out in the wild, a camp stove is a great accessory to have. There are so many types from small one-person stoves like this Jet Boil to two burners by Camp Chef Everest, giving you the option that fits your needs best. They also come in handy when on all-day hiking trips.

PORTABLE WATER JUGS: Carry extra water easily with a portable water jug. If you’re trying to stay off the grid as long as possible, your number one needed resource is probably going to be water. To make sure you are carrying enough, grab a few BPA free lightweight containers with you at all times. Opt for one that is made with food-grade, low-density (LDPE) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to not add taste, odor or chemicals to your water.

ROAD SHOWER: You’re camping without comfort creatures – the last thing you want to do is bring sand and dirt into your home. This Road Shower by Yakima is an excellent addition to your boondocking setup.

LOW ENERGY 12-VOLT VAN: If you’re dry camping in the spring and summer, you might find the need for extra air circulation. Maxxair offers great products that will keep you cool and comfortable during your off-grid adventures.

From first aid kits to solar panels, this go-to guide has everything you need for your dry camping experience. You can easily download, print and check off these items while you’re packing for your trip to ensure you do not miss any vital accessories.


Off grid living checklist


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