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RV Spring Cleaning: A Great Social Distancing Activity for RVers

RV Cleaning

During these uncertain times, we know that many of our RVing family is hunkering down as the nation comes together in an effort to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Over the next few weeks we’ll be shifting gears to bring you relevant content should you be social distancing or isolating while on the road or at home. The good news is, we have tons of new road recipes for you, as well as books to read, RV activities for the kids, stargazing destinations later this year, ways to workout at your campground, RV tech accessories, and so much more.

Today we’ve got a great way for you to keep yourself occupied while staying put in your RV – and that’s spring cleaning! Check out our tips and tricks to freshen on your home on wheels this spring in our checklist below. Pro Tip: work your way from the top of your RV down, and outside in.


RV Cleaning


Give your RV a good wash. If your RV was sitting in storage for the winter months, this is a great time to brush off the dust and give your unit a nice bath. If you’ve been traveling during early spring, you’re sure to find pollen on the exterior of your rig. Be sure to check all pumps, the awning and exterior storage spaces for critters and leaks.

Once you finish cleaning the exterior, it’s time to start on the interior of your RV. Begin by wiping down the ceiling with a damp rag. Also wipe down fans and hardware attached.

For walls, you can use a magic eraser on any marks and scuffs you see around the kitchen backsplash, bathroom walls, doors and so forth. When cleaning windows, use a glass cleaner to thoroughly wipe down both the inside and outside windows. Gently take off and spray all screens and leave to air dry outside.

When wiping down your cabinets, drawers, and countertops, be sure to use cleaners made for the materials in your RV. Multipurpose cleaners are great for most surfaces. If your countertops are granite DO NOT use vinegar, Windex or bleach. When in doubt, use Dawn soap and water when cleaning all surfaces.


how to clean your rv


Microwave: If you have a microwave, simply use warm, soapy water to wipe down the interior and glass. Don’t forget the ceiling!
Stove: Clean stovetop with a stove cleaner or make your own! Blend one tablespoon of salt, one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of water together then pour mixture over the problem area. Use a rag to scrub and voila! Your stovetop is good as new.
Oven: Take out oven racks. Wipe up crumbs and other rouge food particles. Wash over racks outside with warm, soapy water. Wipe down the inside of your oven with warm soapy water. For harder stains, you can use baking soda and water to scrub away tougher residue.
Refrigerator: Take out everything in the refrigerator. Use a damp cloth and wipe down every surface and drawer.
Freezer: Remove freezer goods and wipe down the entire freezer with warm, soapy water. Rise and repeat. Add one tablespoon of bleach/gallon of water and wipe down all shelves and systems. Rise and dry.

When cleaning the bathroom of your RV, be sure to start from the top down. Whether you have a full or wet bath, your RV bathroom is one of the places where water is most frequently splashed around or left in a damp state, making it a good place for mold or other bacteria to grow. Wipe down the bathroom fan and walls with an all-purpose cleaner or a damp cloth. From there, use shower cleaner to freshen up the shower and toilet cleaner for, you guessed it, the toilet. A great cleaning tool to have on hand when RVing is the Hard Water Wand, made specifically for RV toilets.

Spring is a great season for a fresh start. Now that the curtains are open and warmer days are ahead, who wants to spend precious travel time cleaning out drawers, pantries, and cabinets? Toss expired foods, donate those items you never used last year and make sure everything you need has its own dedicated space in your RV.

There are great options when cleaning your RV floors. First, identify the material your floors are made of and then clean with a non-abrasive material – that can be anything from a mop to Swiffer, vacuum or broom. Beat all mats outside and rinse down driver and passenger floor mats.

Wash all sheets, curtains, pillowcases, old kitchen rags and anything else you can wash before you start your spring adventure! Check out a lavender laundry detergent to bring the fresh smell of spring inside.

Spring is the perfect time of year to make sure you are up to date on all your RV paperwork. From insurance to title and RV manuals, double-check that your travel documents are in your RV for your next road trip.

Remember when cleaning your RV do not mix these products.


If you’re keeping to yourself at your campground or in your RV over the next two weeks and have little ones to entertain, we highly recommend our recent list for Read Across America: Top Travel Books for Children on the Road.


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