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Free Ways Keep Your Kids Entertained, Learning and Active During COVID-19


Parents all over the nation are suddenly homeschooling their children. While some of you full-time RVers have been teaching your littles from your home on wheels for years, most RVers are new to the whole, teach your kid from home situation.

If you’ve been racking your brain on ways to keep your kiddos entertained, exercised and learning during the pandemic, take a ride in the passenger seat for a bit and let us do the driving. We searched the internet and found the most creative, innovative and popular ways people are educating their children during COVID-19. From PE with Joe (who has over 2.1 million subscribers) to Virtual tours of Zoos, National Parks, and their favorite new friend ‘The Tiny Chef”, check out these great options below.



PE WITH JOE – The World’s New PE Coach 
Joe, the creator of The Body Coach TV, is an uplifting workout guru who is bringing PE to your home! Every Monday through Friday he hosts a LIVE workout for you guessed it, kids! The 30 minute session is inspiring, uplifting and requires little room, making it ideal for those of your in your RVs. Toddlers to secondary school children will find this workout incredibly fun (and you’ll be glad they got those energetic wiggles out). Click here to follow your new favorite PE Coach!



If you have a little one who loves animals, the San Diego Zoo Kids is an excellent resource for adventure. Use the free, online website to observe and learn about animals through the park’s live cams and videos with your littles. Enjoy interactive games, download coloring page resources and learn how to help them make their favorite animal. There are multiple projects, stories, and activities that await your kids at this virtual zoo!



Are your kids full of anxious, restless energy from being stuck inside all day? Practicing mindfulness isn’t just for adults – children highly benefit from it too. Cosmic Kids is an excellent source for feel-good vibes while the world is sheltering in place. This YouTube channel features a ton of resources for kids. From teaching children yoga to mindfulness and relaxation as well as building strength, balance and confidence, your kids will love these awesome, interactive sessions. Cosmic Kids Yoga is perfect for children 3 and up.



If you’ve never been to the Georgia Aquarium with your kids, now is your chance! The aquarium has dozens of live cams featuring some of the ocean’s most impressive creatures! From jellyfish to Beluga Whales, sea otters and African Penguins, you’re kids will never want to “leave” this new, exciting world.



Road warriors love national parks – they’re basically in our blood. You were probably planning some version of a family road trip to your favorite or a new national park this spring and summer. While those plans may be halted, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy our nation’s most prized possessions with your kids! Click here on the National Park Service webcam to gain access to virtual tours of dozens of parks.



Your whole family will fall in love with the Tiny Chef Show. The Tiny Chef believes that all kids should learn how to cook and he has decided that it’s his mission to help them do just that with his delightful cooking program. He is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen on the internet, isn’t afraid to mess up his masterpieces and has a funny little accent…you can’t quite make out exactly what he’s saying… and still, he’s taken the world by storm. Truly everyone loves him, including Kristen Bell, who recently made an appearance on his show.



Is it lunchtime yet? When the family sits down for their mid-day meal, pull up The Kennedy Center’s YouTube page and get to drawing with the center’s artist-in-residence, Mo Willems. #MoLunchDoodles has become an excellent creative outlet for children across the nation. He’s a master at doodling, an incredible teacher ( not to mention he’s quite funny) and genuinely encouraging of all artistic expression. All your kids need is paper and something to draw with. If your children want to share their doodles or have specific questions for Mo, together you can email him at


Busuu is providing FREE online language lessons for kids during the Coronavirus pandemic. Their mission is to keep children learning during these unprecedented times. Busuu is generously covering all fees for their qualified teachers and offering access worldwide. To sign up, select the language your child would like to learn, select their age group, click on lessons that are taking place in your time zone and stream them live on YouTube. That’s it! They’ll be mastering a second language in no time. To sign up, click here.

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