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RV Organization, Storage and Space Saving Tips


The RV lifestyle comes with numerous perks – access to the road less traveled, endless flexibility, work from everywhere freedom, and the comfort of taking your home with you wherever you go. If you’re a newbie to this fascinating new world there are endless joys you and your loved ones are about to experience. One thing that might have slipped your mind in your haze of excitement is sure to come knocking on your door and bring you back to reality as soon as you move in – it looks something like, “how in the world am I going to fit all my stuff into this small space?!” We urge you not to panic. This is a rite of passage for most RVers, even the ones who are used to living a simple lifestyle.

Downsizing from a home to an RV can be exhilarating and stressful at the same time, but we’re here to alleviate the latter. Good news for you, there are generations of RVers who have been in your very shoes and by trial and error, found affordable, reliable and easy solutions to creating additional space through organization hacks to comfortably live in their home on wheels. Below we’ve compiled a list of RV organization and space-saving tips that are ideal for any type of RV. Whether you’re a family of six or it’s just you and you Fido, these tips and tricks will surely be beneficial when it comes time for you to hit the road.

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RV Organization

Use your kitchen wall space as additional storage. You can do this with dozens of your everyday kitchen essentials – mount your spice rack and small baskets for dry foods (or whatever you might need to store) to the wall, use hooks for kitchen utensils, and hang pots under your kitchen cabinets. Reimagine your kitchen by turning corners, nooks, and empty vertical space into storage.

Other great tools to keep your kitchen organized include (click on each item to be directed to view/purchase:

RV Organization
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Your RV living room is the place where you’ll want to unwind at the end of the day. Don’t let this space stress you out with rouge shoes, blankets, jackets, dog accessories, and every other miscellaneous item living rooms always seem to collect. There are very simple solutions to keeping your relaxation oasis uncluttered. Opt for a storage ottoman that serves as both a foot prop and blanket storage, invest in hideaway hooks for coats, and labeled organization bins for your living space cabinets.

For more ideas on how to keep your living room free from clutter check out the accessories below:

RV Organization Tips Photography: @streamindreams

Welcome to the smallest room in your RV. While the task might be challenging at first, once you identify what you need vs. what you want in your bathroom, you will quickly realize that you do in fact have enough space to wash, shave, brush and store everything you need. Opt to keep extra rolls of your RV toilet paper (yes! there is a specific toilet paper made for RVs for those newbies out there) in your living room or bedroom where there is additional drawer and cabinet space. Get creative! Use a shower caddy for your shower toiletries (soap, razor, shampoo, conditioner) or even install a second shower rod with hanging baskets for these items. Hanging towels on door hooks is a great way to save cabinet space. Under your sink, include baskets for all additional needs (hairspray, makeup, etc). Pro tip: mount your toothbrush so it doesn’t move around while you’re traveling!

Other great organization tools for your RV bathroom include:

Photography: @ateamfamilyadventures

We’ve now arrived at your RV bedroom. This room in your RV will probably be the least used even though typically (depending on which type of RV you have of course) it has the most storage. Beyond clothing, your bedroom is a great place to store all of those additional items you might need – from work accessories (think laptop, office supplies, etc) to dirty clothes, bags, extra towels, and sheets. If you’re looking to maximize your drawer space, we highly recommend watching the video we’ve linked below of the Marie Kondo Folding Method. Check if your bed lifts and has additional storage. This is an excellent place to keep shoes so you don’t have to utilize precious closet space. In your hanging closet, use a vertical hanging shoe divider to store your pants, sweaters, and everything in between. As always, use command strips or velcro to put up frames as to not take up precious table space. Pro tip: organize your clothing by season! That way you can keep what you don’t need stored away until it’s needed.

For excellent bedroom organization accessories, check out the list below:

Still need more room? View our inventory of New and Used RVs by clicking here! Are you an RV organizing pro? Leave us a comment in the section below sharing your RV storage tips for a chance to be featured on our La Mesa RV blog!

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