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2020’s Best RV Toilet Paper


Ah, RV toilet paper… it might not be a dinner table conversation but it’s a must-have product for RVers! If you aren’t familiar, this type of toilet paper is specifically made for recreational vehicles, campers, motorhomes, and RVs to dissolve quickly, be gentle on the septic tank and leave your RV toilet clog-free.

With a multitude of brands to choose from, we decided to do the hard work for you. After searching the internet far and wide, we have narrowed down the five best reviewed RV toilet paper brands on the market. From rapid-dissolving to sustainably sourced, there is something for everyone to make sure your RV adventures never stink. Don’t forget, you can bypass ordering your RV toilet paper and pick up a pack (or two) from any one of our La Mesa RV Parts and Service stores across the country. And now for the reviews…


Photography: @ashely.joyfullygrowing


Customer Rating: 4.5/5 stars
The Details: 
– Made specifically for RVs and boats
– 100% biodegradable tissue and clog-free
– Made in the USA
– Free of perfumes or scents
– Sustainably sourced
– FSC certified
What Customers are Saying:
” I am a full-time RVer and love this product! We have tried them all and this one dissolves quickly and does not clog the tank. Thank you for a great product!” – Becca K.

” I live in my Winnebago full-time and having a holding tank, the toilet paper is important. I searched for an adequate tissue before I found Scott’s. Scotts is strong, soft, and not ‘slick’ like some other brands. It dissolves quickly and over the last 3+ years, I have had no issue with it. Thanks, Scott, for a good product.” Michael M.


Photography: @simplecatlady


Customer Rating: 4.8/5 stars
The Details:
– Premium quality designed specifically for RV and marine sanitation systems
– 2-Ply that is soft and highly absorbent
– Fast dissolving
– Mobile home sanitation leading brand
What Customers Are Saying:
“Aqua-soft is the ONLY brand RV toilet paper I buy. I have been a camper owning 7 different types of RVs over the past 48 years and I have tried just about every brand of toilet paper on the market. The aqua-soft is the only one even remotely close to the brand I use at home. It is soft, durable, and not scratchy. It dissolves quickly in your holding tanks but it does not build up in the tank. This product fills the bill totally.” – Julie M.

“For the price this RV toilet paper is great. Has comparable feeling to angle soft and dissolved in our camper toilet with no problems. Would recommend to anyone and would buy again!” – Alisha K.


Photography: @olsonhousehome


Customer Rating: 4.3/5 stars
The Details:
– 100% recycled paper
– 2-Ply tissue designed for strength and softness
– No added dyes, inks, or fragrances
– Septic-safe and compatible with low-flow toilets in RVs and campers
What Customers Are Saying:  
“Who needs a review on toilet paper…??! However, I must say, this is GREAT quality. Having just bought a camper, we had No idea what we needed for toilet paper. We decided to try this brand and it is definitely a product we will continue to buy. It is tough, strong, and very high quality. For two of us, one roll has lasted three RV trips!” – Jan K.

“I love Seventh Gen products as they consistently have a high standard of quality for their consumer and the environment. The toilet paper rolls are soft and feel great. I highly recommend this product and company.” – Matthew L.


Photography: @purposeblog


Customer Rating: 4.3/5 stars
The Details: 
– 2-Ply extra-thick soft but strong
– Each roll has 500 premium sheets
– Made for septic tanks
– Rapid dissolving
– Clog-free
– Biodegradable
What Customers Are Saying: 
“Great RV TP! I just bought my first trailer and have never purchased RV toilet paper before now. This exceeded my expectations.” – Ashley W.

“As for as TP goes for living in a camper, this is the best. Very soft and breaks down in the well. My wife and I have tried several different kinds but this has been the best by far.” – Archie L.


Photography: @thehappyglamperco


Customer Rating: 4/5 stars
The Details: 
– Designed for use in RV and marine sanitation systems
– Biodegradable
– Clog resistant
– 1-Ply with 500 sheets per roll
– Ultra-soft
– Contains no dyes or perfumes
– Fast dissolving
What Customers Are Saying:
“Living in an RV, there are hidden costs of living. Toilet paper is one of them as you cannot put any kind of toilet paper down the throne. This paper has solved the issue of smells and backups! This is overall quality and lasts well.” – Anna D.

“Perfect for RVs! It works nicely for my RV and feels just like 2-ply toilet paper.” – Kristin E.

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