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Haunted, Spooky and Down Right Scary RV Hidden Gems that will Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Haunted National Parks

If your adventurous spirit fancies both the outdoors and the eerie or you get a thrill from exploring the supernatural among nature, then you will love venturing to these haunted U.S. National Parks leading up to Halloween. Take in stunning views of canyons, mountains and rivers during the day and by night, brace yourself for phantom sightings, haunted trails, and supernatural phenomena. Check out our RVers guide to the most mystifying national parks across the country. If you’re a ghost hunter, these haunted hidden gems are for you! Looking for an RV to take you into the spooky night? Check out our La Mesa RV inventory by clicking here.


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Haunted National Parks: THE GRAND CANYON
The Details: The depths of this canyon feature more than just impressive geology. If you want to be spooked this Halloween, it is prime territory for phantoms, apparitions, and other haunts that will have you shaking in your RV bunk. Be sure to watch where you hike – the Grand Canyon sunsets are magic but you may (or may not) want to stick around for the wandering woman or the victims of a plane crash back in the 50s come nightfall.

Crash Canyon: In 1956, two passenger jets collided in the popular Grand Canyon. In the late evening, eerie lights have been seen coming from this canyon. Are the lost passengers trying to find their way home or are they ghosts? You tell us!
Phantom Ranch: The ghost of a worker who was tragically crushed by a boulder is said to haunt the site where he was buried. You’ll hear him moaning as you make your way along the trail leading to the ranch.
The Wandering Woman: If you venture on Transept Trail at night, you may hear a woman crying. Legend has it, she has been endlessly searching for her husband and son who went missing while hiking in 1920.


Haunted National Parks


The Details: During the Civil War, this park saw over 51,000 casualties. It’s been rumored that dozens of soldiers never gave up the fight. Even to this day, visitors claim to hear the echoes of battle noises at night.

Devil’s Den:
This hill was used by artillery and infantry during the Civil War. Many soldiers were picked off by sharpshooters hiding in the rocks. Also called the Valley of Death and the Slaughter Pen, this site has boasted countless ghost stories and sightings while many ghosts enthusiasts claim that fallen soldiers still dwell in the den. Be aware, the den is spooky in the stark dark and is not for the faint of heart.
The Hippie: This ghost has been spotted wandering Gettysburg barefoot, wearing a floppy hat and pointing visitors towards Plum Run while offering them advice, “That’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for.”


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Haunted National Parks: YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK
Where: California
The Details: Chock full of natural wonders, Yosemite is also full of seemingly unnatural phenomena. Beyond epic views of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and El Capitan, there is a curious hotel within the park that is known for its spooky nature. The Ahwahnee Hotel was used as a naval convalescent hospital during World War II. Legend has it, many of its patients are not entirely gone.

Grouse Lake:
According to Native American folklore, there’s a young boy who never left Grouse Lake, who cries out for help and draws unsuspecting visitors deep into the lake, where they are never heard from or seen again. The lake runs along Chilnualna Falls Trail if you dare search for it.
Ph-ho-no: Say that three times fast! This is the name of the evil wind that haunts Yosemite’s waterfalls. It is said to coax visitors to the top of the park’s waterfalls and then push them over the edge. Tragically, since 2011 more than three hikers have fallen from the top of Vernal Falls, making the tale more suspicious and hikers more cautions while venturing to these beautiful locations.


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Where: Kentucky
The Details: You can take a guided tour by lantern light through what is known as the most haunted natural wonder in the world at this unique national park. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for roaming ghosts of the aboriginal tribe members and cave explorers who were buried within the cave.

Corpse Rock:
With a name like that, you know this is one of those tales perfect for campfire ghost stories. At Corpse Rock, you may hear mysterious coughing near this large stone that sits outside the consumptive cabins, used for tuberculosis patients in the 1800s. The stone acted as a resting place for the bodies of deceased patients before they were buried.
Ghost of Mammoth Cave: The story beings with a young girl who deserted her tutor in Mammoth Cave when she found out he didn’t reciprocate her romantic feelings. Realizing her childish ways, she went searching for him to apologize, but never found her way out and perished in the cave. Her ghost has been spotted searching for her beloved to this day.


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Where: Colorado
The Details: North America’s tallest dunes have been home to over 60 UFO sightings (and counting). In the 1960’s, a rancher found his horse dead on the dunes, its organs having been removed with precise, surgical-like incisions. Many believed it to be extraterrestrial doings and the story hit national news. The alien organ harvester was never found.

UFO Watchtower:
If you climb the UFO watchtower and peer into the night sky, you may just be one of the lucky ghost chasers who gets a glimpse of an alien life form.
Mutilated Animal Bodies: That title is not something you read every day. The Great Sand Dunes has had multiple reports of animal mutilations (mainly livestock) over the last six decades. Even today there are reports of hikers coming across inexplicably lacerated animal bodies. Make sure to watch where you step on these haunted dunes.



Where: Wyoming
The Details: Yellowstone is known for Old Faithful and its incredible wildlife spotting opportunities but did you know that its cabins and hotels are famously haunted? Better opt for your RV over a room at the Inn when in this national park.

The Headless Bride:
A hoard of paranormal events have been reported at the hotel in the national park, Old Faithful Inn. One visitor has sworn to have seen a fire extinguisher spinning, unexplainably in the hallway. Others claim a headless bride roams the halls, carrying her own decapitated head in her arms. Definitely don’t bring the kids along for this paranormal hunt!
Room #2: If you’re the ultimate ghost hunter, book yourself Room #2 at Old Faithful Inn. Legend has it that a couple woke in the middle of the night to find an apparition of a woman dressed in 1890s attire floating above their bed.

If you’re gearing up for October 31st, let us suggest checking out our most recent post featuring A Complete Guide to Decorating Your RV for Halloween. Leave us a comment in the section below sharing where and how you’ll be spending your Halloween for a chance to be featured on our La Mesa RV Instagram.

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