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What’s Making That Beeping Noise in My RV?


RVs are loaded with all kinds of equipment and items that need attention. Have you recently been annoyed by an ongoing ear-piercing beep in your RV? You have determined it’s not the cell phone, it’s not the smoke detector and it’s not your kid’s video game. What could it be?

 RV Carbon Monoxide Detector

Very possibly it’s the built-in CO (carbon monoxide) detector. Carbon monoxide is developed when you use LP to create heat in the furnace or cook with gas on the cooktop. It’s also deadly to humans and that’s why the detector is built-in. Some manufacturers also use a combination CO and LP detector so the device can detect an LP leak and not just carbon monoxide build-up.

Now the incessant beep has been chirping for days yet no one has been in the RV or there has been no reason for it to be beeping. It’s very possible that the chassis battery charge is running down. Quite often the beeping can be shut off by simply starting the engine and bringing the battery level back up. The beeping coming from your RV carbon monoxide detector is just one tool to help you and your love ones stay safe.

But your RV doesn’t have an engine and yet you hear the same beep! That’s true, even in trailers and 5th wheels, the CO detector is wired in to pull power from the house battery. That battery may need to be recharged or possibly replaced.

Winnebago Hike

Or you find that all the batteries are fully charged yet the CO detector still goes off. In some rare cases, especially in high heat situations, outgassing of various components used in cabinetry, carpet, and other adhesives to build the RV could be causing the CO detector to beep. Open windows and exhaust out the interior and often this will get the detector to go back to sleep. RV Carbon Monoxide Detector helps keep you safe while RVing.

Warning systems are for the health and safety of you, your friends, and your family. Don’t try to take a short cut and disconnect them. They very well could prevent a tragedy if properly maintained and understood. If you’re looking for more information on how to keep your RV maintained during this season, check out our recent post on Everything You Need to Know About Winterizing Your RV.

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