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La Mesa RV Presents: 5 Days of Christmas Giveaway


It’s that time of year! We are thrilled to announce our second annual Christmas Giveaway. This year we’ll be hosting the giveaway on La Mesa RVs Facebook page. To learn about the prizes up for grabs and how to enter to win, continue reading below. La Mesa RV in the business of giving back to our wonderful community and we want to celebrate the holiday season by spreading some RV cheer, so take this opportunity to bring home a few great RV items or gift your winnings to your favorite RVer!



1. Follow La Mesa RV on Facebook
2. Like our official giveaway post (top pinned post on our Facebook page)
3. In the comment section, tag three people you’d love to RV with in 2021.
4. For an extra entry, subscribe to our Experience Life Blog.
5. That’s it. You’ve entered!

From December 10th – 14th we will be giving away an item to one lucky winner EVERY DAY. There is no limit to how many times you can enter and the winner will be picked at random every 24 hours. Winners will be notified via messenger on Facebook.



December 10th: Three $10 Chili’s Gift Cards ($30 Value) 
Enjoy a road meal at Chili’s for you and your family or with your friends. Just make sure you don’t invite Pam Beesly as one of your guests… they might not let you in!



December 11th: Nebo Redline 6K Lumen Flashlight USB Rechargeable Flashlight
This $100 flashlight is a must-have for any RVers tool kit. One of the world’s best-selling flashlights, this product will illuminate anything you need while RVing. Equipped with a micro USB to USB charging cable so you can charge on the go, it’s ideal for those who want to spend less time in the RV charging up their devices and more time exploring. The Nebo redline features four light modes, has closed-loop temperature control monitors that adjust output to regulate the temperature of the body and the LED, a 4X zoom adjustable focus, and is waterproof.



December 12th: Five $10 Chili’s Gift Cards ($50 Value) 
Once a Chili’s fan, always a Chili’s fan. We know Chili’s is a great option for RVers as there are literally hundreds of them all over the U.S. Bring an extra pal or two on this visit. Make sure to get that Awesome Blossom while you’re at it!



December 13th: Expion360 Lithium Power Solutions Battery Pack 
This $375 battery bank is worth every cent. The Expion360 battery pack is durable, splash-proof, and allows you to stay exploring for longer. Charge your tablet, cell phone, PAP devices and so much more. Other features include LED lighting with emergency flashers, 12V/12A power port, AC/DC/Solar charge port, multiple quick charge USB ports, and a USB-C port.



December 14th: 30QT Currituck Cooler 
Are you already looking ahead to warmer days? If you’re going to be RVing this spring, this item is for you. The Currituck cooler can hold 28 cans,18 pounds of ice and boasts 10 days of ice retention. Talk about a premium cooler! The ultra-durable design is made with stainless steel hardware and impact-modified polypropylene resin. Included are six tie-down points that double as accessory attachments, a freezer-grade seal, two carry options, two hose-ready drain fittings, and two stainless steel bottle openers.

If you have any questions about the giveaway, leave us a comment in the section below. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to win these holiday prizes starting December 10th!

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    Posted December 11, 2020 at 12:51 am

    Looking forward to finding out who the winners are of the 5 day Christmas giveaway.. just hoping I entered correctly since I am old and am stupid when it comes to technology. To think I was so excited when a phone had a longer cord so you could walk away with the handset and not have to stand right on top of the phone… then came the cordless phones and it should have told me that I was really getting old and I still butt dial people because of the new phones but they actually listen to my conversation that I don’t know they are actually listening to instead of just hanging up on me. Thank you La Mesa….


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