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Not Traveling This Holiday Season? Use Your RV for These Purposes


Use Your RV for These Purposes During The Holidays

If you’re staying put this holiday season you can still get use out of your RV! From setting up your rig in the driveway for your in-laws to hiding Christmas gifts away from the children or even renting out your motorhome, there are excellent options when it comes to making the most out of your stationery adventure mobile. Check out the best ways to use your RV this holiday season without ever leaving your home below.


Use Your RV for These Purposes During The Holidays


It’s 2020. Who doesn’t love dressing up their RV for an epic holiday shoot? Whether you’re an RV blogger who shares DIY decorating tips and RV lifestyle advice or you’re a family who loves hosting Christmas dinner, your RV can serve as a beautiful backdrop for your holiday photos. Last year our Senior Editor hosted an epic holiday dinner for her friends and family. Together they decorated the RV with lights, put up a Christmas tree, and feasted on a delicious holiday meal. Not only were the RVs used, but the memories created were also ones that will last a lifetime.


Photography: @our1chance

Are you hosting your in-laws, friends, or distant relatives this holiday season? If you’re tight on room in your house or let’s be honest could use the extra space during occasional stressful times, then we suggest making use out of your mobile home. If you’re able, hook up water and power to your RV from your home and you’ll really make use of that additional space. Hello, easy-breezy holidays!

Photography: @hipcamp

RENT YOUR RV Use Your RV for These Purposes During The Holidays
If you have extra land and don’t mind travelers coming and going from your property, why not rent out your RV? There are numerous digital platforms that allow you to easily rent out your motorhome. The holidays can be stressful enough. If you’re looking to make a little extra income, check out Airbnb or Hipcamp to learn more.



Do you have nosey little ones who always going sneaking about during the holiday season to find where their presents are hidden? Let your bedroom closest be the hiding place of the past – store your Christmas and holiday gifts in your RV. Best of all, you and only you know where the key is hidden so there is no chance for an accidental discovery of gifts this 2020.



CAMP AT HOME – Use Your RV for These Purposes During The Holidays
If your family had planned on spending Christmas 2020 out in nature but had to adjust plans due to Covid-19, you can still live out your camping dreams from your backyard… you just need a little creativity. Set up the firepit, roast marshmallows, sing carols, heck you could even bring your Christmas tree outside. If you want to play it safe this year, you can still bask in the camping holiday spirit without leaving your very own driveway.



If you’re looking to give back this holiday season, let us introduce you to RVs 4 MDs. RVs 4 MDs is an incredible Facebook-based organization that matches medical personnel with donated RVs. With hundreds of medical workers looking for alternative housing to avoid exposing their families to COVID-19, this organization has stepped up in a really incredible way to meet that call. If you’re an RVer who would like to donate your motorhome to frontline healthcare workers click here to follow the RVs4MDs. The process is very simple. Upload a photograph of your RV and include the city and state you’re in. The organization will then work to match you with a healthcare worker in your area.

Are you in the market for an RV this holiday season? Check out our recent article featuring how you can Reserve Your Dream RV Today. We also want to take this time to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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