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How to Prepare for Cold Weather RV Living with our RV Specialist


Are you a road warrior who will be bracing the cold in your RV this winter? Whether it’s your first time embarking on winter travel or you’re a veteran, there is power in knowing how your RV functions when temperatures get below freezing. Today we share our very own La Mesa RV guide on how to prepare for living in the elements this winter. Check out our video on how to operate your furnace below.



Here we have a Suburban furnace. It runs on LP and it also takes 12volt for it to ignite. Please note, it will not function on electric. It works the same way as a regular thermostat does, with an off button and a slide for temperature range. When you turn on your furnace, you will hear the fan come on (this is normal) and the furnace will come on after that. Set the furnace to your desired temperature and that’s it! When you leave your trailer please remember to either turn your furnace off or lower the setting to keep your RV from getting too hot.

Pro tip: The external side of your furnace will get hot while your furnace is in operation. Even if your furnace has been off for a little while, the external piece will stay hot, so be cautions and careful around it.

Want to learn more about winterizing your rig? Check out our post on How To Winterize your RV and be sure to leave us a comment below sharing where you’ll be traveling this winter! Be sure to check out our holiday photo contest being held on Instagram by clicking here.



  • Ed W Martin
    Posted December 11, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Thanks…great information. Been camping for over 40 years! Never to old to learn more!!!

    • Post Author
      La Mesa RV
      Posted December 12, 2019 at 5:25 pm

      40 years! That’s really amazing. So glad to hear it Ed, and happy trails!


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