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The Winnebago Ekko – A Game Changer

All New Winnebago Ekko

As an RVer you probably have a list of must-haves and a list of deal-breakers for your next RV. Among your must-have might be something you believe to be missing in your current RV, or was missing in a past RV and you absolutely can’t live without it in a new RV. A deal-breaker might be a feature that ruined a past RV experience and that you simply won’t tolerate dealing with ever again. RVers tend to align themselves with a RV manufacturer who shares in their RV design philosophy and are often times loyal for years, decades and even generations.

Winnebago’s all-new 2022 Ekko is a perfect example of the evolution of its design philosophy, catering to a specific group of RVers who crave certain features and really don’t care about other features. The question is: Is the Ekko a game changer for you?



The Winnebago Ekko is a new Class C camper van coach built on a Ford all-wheel drive (AWD) transit van chassis. It combines features that RVers love in both camper vans and Class C coaches. If a must-have for you is a short length, short height, more maneuverable and off-the grid RV, then the Ekko may be precisely what you are looking for. And if you really wish a camper van RV had a regular coach door instead of a noisy sliding van door, and ample garage and basement storage, those are Class C RV features Winnebago has put in the Ekko.



To start with…a bold exterior. Echoing Winnebago’s towable Hike trailer, the Ekko comes in a limited graphic design of black-and-orange or black-and-green accents. 4-wheel anti-lock brakes with stylized performance wheels are standard, with six tires total on each Ekko (two in the front and four in the rear). Plus, a spare tire should you need it in emergencies.

In addition to the standard patio awning, there’s a really cool, optional batwing rear awning that doubles your rain and shade protection when camping. The awing is helpful when working with the heated, rear exterior storage garage that can hold mountain bikes, inflatable kayaks, and other outdoor gear. On the 22A floor plan, an optional exterior kitchen is a really handy feature. It comes with a chest style 12V refrigerator/freezer, 2-burner LP cooktop, flip-up counter extension, quick connect faucet, collapsible sink, and LP quick connect hose. The exterior kitchen is not available on the 22A floor plan with the pop-top option.

The 31-gallon fuel tank paired with an EcoBoost V6 gas engine extends your driving range with this RV. The Ekko was designed for off-grid boondocking and comes with a standard 3-panel, 455-watt solar charging system that feeds the 315-amp-hour lithium ion battery. And if maximizing peace and quiet is your thing, you can forego the standard 2,800-watt gas generator and double the lithium ion battery system to 630- amp-hours instead, making for a nearly silent, nature-focused camping experience. The lithium-ion system has a battery pack heating system and Bluetooth control package, along with a 2,000-watt DC/AC inverter and a dedicated second alternator to charge the coach batteries.

Inside the coach, there’s seating for up to four adults: two in the cab and two in the automotive-styled additional seats behind the cab, equipped with 3-point seat belts. The galley kitchen is highly functional with a standing height refrigerator, pantry and swiveling galley extension/work table. The kitchen features a microwave oven, two-burner cooktop, stainless steel sink and ample storage cabinets. In the 22A floor plan, you’ll find an innovative dry/wet bath with a pivoting wall that separates the shower from the toilet and sink, making this compact but full-time bathroom feel more functional. The rear bedroom has two twin beds that can convert into a single queen-sized flex bed. If you want more sleeping space, the 22A floor plan has the option of a pop-top, the classic camper van feature that’s making a groovy comeback.

For boondocking, one of the great features of the Ekko is that its all-weather prepped with extensive all-season insulation in the roof, walls and floor, including dual-pane acrylic windows. A 50-gallon freshwater tank, plus proportionate waste tanks, help make extended stays possible. All tanks and water lines are inside the coach above the floor, and there are multiple insulated exterior compartments. So, when the temperature falls, your camping season doesn’t have to end.



The Ekko will initially be available in one floor plan – the 22A (as seen above). La Mesa RV is ready to help you find the Ekko that fits you best. We anticipate arrivals of the 22A, without the pop-top option, starting in April 2021. If you want the pop-top option in the 22A, those units should begin to arrive in late May.

La Mesa RV has hundreds of Ekko units on order and will be the first dealer to receive production units nationally. Plus, each unit will be Everyday Low Priced, which is a transparent price clearly posted and made available to anyone purchasing the unit. With our advance shipments from Winnebago, you can set the standard for off-the-grid travel and adventure in a new Ekko from La Mesa RV. Call or stop by any of our stores for more information and to be one of the first RVers to reserve an all new Winnebago Ekko.


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