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Class C RV Buyer’s Guide


Are you in the market for an RV but don’t know which is right for you? To assist on your journey to owning your dream RV, we have created a series of RV Buyer’s Guides for each RV Class. These outlines feature the pros and cons of every RV and the lifestyle that pairs best with each. Below you will find details on the beloved Class C. From drivability to amenities and what to expect from life on the road with this particular RV type, you can explore the benefits of a Class C and discover if it’s the right recreational vehicle for you in the details below.


Class C RV Buyers Guide


Buying A Class C RV: THE PRO’S
If you’re looking for a living space that is smaller than a Class A and bigger than a Class B, a Class C RV is the perfect option. With a Class C you don’t have to give up some of the creature comforts you’re used to like a roomy kitchen, bathroom, and shower space. In most units, the bedroom of a Class C is bigger than that of Class B RVs and towable trailers.

Don’t want to break the bank in 2020? Class C RVs are the perfect solution as these RVs are the most affordable of all the classes. Though they may not have all the bells and whistles of luxurious Class A motorhomes (unless you’re looking into Super Cs), Class C RVs will get you where you want to go without sacrificing safety or style. It’s also important to note that their fuel economy is much better than Class A’s.

One of the best features of a Class C RV is that when you’re driving, it still feels like you’re behind the wheel of a car, while a Class A is a true adjustment to driving a coach. Class C motorhomes are built on a truck chassis with a van cab for the drive and passenger providing easy drivability! 

Class C RVs have exceptional living space for families. The overhead bunk provides additional sleeping, a unique feature to its particular class. Many units also have a dinette bed conversion and pull out couch, creating enough sleeping space for up to ten people! 

Though they’re not as agile as Class B RVs, Class C motorhomes are still suitable and a great option for boondocking, unlike Class A motorhomes. From cities to BLM land, Class C’s are made to get you where you want to go.

If you’re traveling with a furry friend, Class C RVs are an excellent option! These units provide ample living space for them to stretch their four legs and to find a spot to make their own without crowding the humans.

Class C units range from 22-31 feet, making them ideal for driving, maneuvering, and camping in tighter spots. Class A motorhomes do not afford this flexibility. While Class B RVs are very agile, they do not provide the same comfortable space that a Class C does.

The most notable con of Class C RVs (for those who need space) is the limited exterior storage. If you are an RVer who likes to bring their toys when they travel, you might want to consider a Class B or Class A motorhome. 

Class C RVs have a lesser towing capacity then other RVs. For some RVers, this might be of concern and needs to be considered when deciding what type of RV is best for their lifestyle.

Cover photography: @jaycorvs

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