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Pickleball: Where to Play and Training Tips



Are you on the road, RVing from town to town in search of a Pickleball tournament or a new place to play? This spring, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and crush the court! During this time of year, most major outdoor tournaments are held in Florida, Arizona and California, but there are local tournaments around the country all year long.

Guest Post by Meagan Noble


If you consider yourself a competitive pickleball player, you may want to participate in a nationally sponsored tournament so that you have the opportunity to qualify for the pickleball National Championship Tournament in November 2021 in Indian Wells, CA. There are a multitude of USA Pickleball tournaments that are held throughout the country, and a good source for updated information is The Pickler. This website has information on when and where tournaments are located. The website Pickle Ball Tournaments is an excellent source to register and enter tournaments from the comfort of your RV. You can also go right to the source at USA Pickleball to get any updated information about tournaments, rules and anything pickleball.

If you enjoy the game and just like a “friendly” match, there are local tournaments and courts that anyone can enter or make a reservation for. Many community parks and courts will require a reservation to play, as pickleball is such a popular sport and court space is at a premium. It is also important to check local guidelines for park and court closures and tournament for any changes or cancellations.


Photography: @thefitrv

When considering entering a tournament or just starting a new activity, it is important to make sure that your body is fit and prepared for the strenuous workout you will get. There are exercises you can do in your RV or at your campsite that require little or no equipment to make sure you’re ready to crush the court! Strength training and flexibility are important factors in minimizing injuries and the extending the longevity of your playing life. Below you will find five exercises that you can do in a small space (yes, these are RV friendly) to prepare for your next match.

Lunges: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, step forward with right foot until you have a 90 degree bend in your forward knee. Do not extend your knee forward of your toe. Step back up to a straight stance. Repeat 10 times and then switch legs. You may want to use a counter or chair to the side to help balance, if needed. Complete three sets. This exercise will strengthen your legs and abdominal muscles and help with later motion across the court and a quick burst as you move from ready position.

Body Weight Squats: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, bend at the knees with your backside lowering as if to sit in a chair. Return to standing position. Do not let your knees bend forward of your toes as you lower into the squat position. Repeat 10 times and complete 3 sets. This will also strengthen your legs for stability and quick movements and change of direction.

Forward and Lateral Arm Circles: Raise arms forward of the chest, rotate arms in a clockwise circle 10 times and counter-clockwise circle 10 tomes in large and small circles. Raise arms to your side then rotate arms in a clockwise circle 10 time and counter-clockwise 10 times. Complete 3 sets. This exercise will strengthen your shoulder girdle, arms and back. This will help in your mobility for your forehand and backhand shots.

Puppy Stretch: Kneel with knees shoulder width apart, stretch arms forward of your head on the floor and keep your hips high towards the sky. You can also push hips lower towards the heels to deepen the stretch into the child’s pose. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

Knees to Chest Stretch: After a match, lay on the floor on your back, pull knees to your chest, hold this stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat as necessary. This stretch will relax your lower back and hips and relieve stiffness from a challenging match.

Following a daily routine of exercise and stretching will keep you fit, reduce your risk of injury and keep you active on the court. It is also important to stay hydrated throughout the day so that you can perform for long periods of time at your optimum level, so keep your reusable water bottle handy! I hope to see you on the road and on a pickleball court this spring!


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