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RV Tips: Which Tools Should I Keep in My RV?

RV Tools

Scouts for decades have lived under the motto of “always be prepared”. It’s also a great motto for RVers and adventure seekers. Rolling down America’s highways with tons of household belongings, taking tight turns and braking hard can take a toll on any vehicle, but especially an RV. La Mesa RV recommends that you always travel with a few simple tools to handle any emergencies that might arise during your travels.

Our basic RV tool kit includes commonly found items that can be purchased from your local hardware or big box retailer. You may already have extra tools around the house that could become part of your RV traveling tool kit. Remember – RVing is supposed to be about fun and adventure! Yes, problems may arise but by working together as a family, you can create a memory that will last a life time, while also getting repairs done.RV Tools


A well-stocked tool kit for an RV starts with a tool bag to hold the collection of items. We suggest something soft-sided. Why? You can stash it into tight spaces without taking up a bulky amount of room that a standard hard-sided/metal toolbox would use. Plus, tools are pretty tough, you won’t have to worry about breaking many items in the toolbox if you tuck it away.

What’s inside the tool kit will vary but here’s some of the basic items to consider:
– Cordless drill
– Flashlight with extra batteries
– All-purpose lubricant, such as WD-40
– Duct tape
– Extra batteries for all of the remote controls!
– 12V fuses
– Screwdriver with interchangeable heads
– Closed end and/or socket wrenches
– Pliers – needle nose and channel lock
– Zip ties or wire ties
– Light bulbs for fixtures that may be non-standard household size, especially 12V light bulbs
– Work gloves or disposable gloves

Your own RV may also have specific requirements that are not covered by our above guide. Adjust the list according to your RV and personal needs. Instead of spending precious time sitting by the road, unable to travel because of a blown fuse, equip your RV with these few simple tools before you hit the road! That way you’ll be prepared for any scenario that might pop up.

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