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How to Decorate Your RV this Christmas without Breaking the Bank


Creating Christmas cheer might seem a little daunting when you live on the road, but it doesn’t have to be. There are simple and affordable ways to elevate your RV space during the holidays. From picking up a small-space tree, to stringing lights and adding in festive bedding, you can turn your everyday home on wheels into a Christmas wonderland. Below we’ve outlined our go-to decorating ideas, accessories, and ways to spruce up the RV this holiday season without breaking the bank. Check out the details below.

Decorating your space doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When looking for holiday decor this year, opt for the uniform colors that make us think of Christmas, red and green. From accent trees to mugs, dinnerware, dish towels, rugs, pillows, apron, blankets, garland, and more, you can easily add in a pop of color to turn your RV from normal to holiday festive.

Who doesn’t love a good wreath? They’re quintessential to Christmas and they come in all shapes and sizes, making them ideal for any RV space. Easily attach your wreath with Command Strips and you’re ready to roll! You’ve created a cozy holiday setting with minimal effort. Now every time you look at your window you’ll be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner.

A holiday themed table is an easy way to elevate your RV space. Opt for a festive runner, cooking utensils, and mixing bowls. We love Targets holiday line for all our decoration needs. They are incredibly affordable and can be used year round. Add in a snow globe and stream some garland, and you’ll turn your dining table into the perfect cookie station.

If you want to bring Christmas to every nook of your RV, why not opt for holiday bedding? We suggest keep your sheets the same to save space and money, (you won’t really be able to see them anyway) and go with red or green pillowcases to bring holiday vibes to your bedroom/bed. If you have little ones, don’t forget to pick up a copy of The Night Before Christmas for a Christmas Eve bedtime story.

Just because you’re on the road or living full-time in a small space doesn’t mean you should forego your Christmas tree! After all, where will Santa put all those presents? Choose a tree based on the size of your rig. If you’d prefer a table top tree, great. If you wan’t to go all out and have a floor to ceiling tree, even better. There are tons of options when it comes to trees (even with color, lights that come with, etc) so you won’t feel limited when searching for one that fits your needs.

No chimney, no problem. Hang your stockings any place you desire – below the overhead bunk, above the windows, off the couch or even on the walls. Simple use Command strips to tack your stockings to whatever surface you plan to use and you’re good to go! Securing your stockings before you hit the road will keep them in place when you get to your destination.

The exterior can easily be overlooked when decorating your RV. After all, with all the coming and going, it might be last on your list for things to decorate. But when you get settled in at your destination, we suggest going all out when decorating your rigs exterior. You can go with an simple yet classic look like we did above (decor includes a simple doormat, wreath and garland) or you can turn your campsite into a spectacle. String lights, blow up decorations and exterior trees are just a few ways to bring some major holiday cheer to your Christmas Campground.

Do not shy on your pillow decor this Christmas. Not only do they elevate a space (both during the holidays and otherwise) they can be repurposed for cozy nights hanging by the fire or for a fun pillow fight with the kids. We like pillows that can be used year-round but also creative a festive ambiance when December rolls around. You really can’t ever have too many pillows.

If you have little ones, don’t skip out on the advent calendar this Christmas. The countdown creates a truly magical atmosphere with kiddos leading up to the big day. You can purchase a less expensive option like the one show above, or you can go all out with an advent calendar that has a special little gift or chocolate each day.

To wrap up your space this holiday season, make sure to pit a little effort into the smaller details. It’s kinda like putting a bow on a present, or the topper on the tree. Add a little decor to your RV bathroom or dashboard. Don’t forget rugs and towels too. These small details can really elevate a space and put the finishing touches on your winter wonderland.

If you’re a little stumped on gifts this holiday season, check out our guide featuring The Best Gifts for RVers this Holiday Season!